Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tips for Fashion on a Budget

Hello Friends! Today i am going to be sharing with you tips for Fashion on a Budget. One thing that is important to know is that you can be fashion forward without spending a lot of money. You can go to resale/consignment shops, watch for sales and shop the clearance racks at stores, and believe it or not you can find things that are on trend at your local thrift stores like Good Will.
Let's Begin!

Find out what you have in you closet and what you don't have.- Take Closet Inventory

Before you go shopping decide on the maximum amount of money you'll be spending and only take that amount, maybe $10 more but that's all! This will help prevent impulsive spending.

Try to find things that you can wear in different kinds of situations by styling the outfit differently. Say you have a floral circle skirt- for doing errands you can pair it with a tee shirt and flats but if you are going somewhere a bit more formal, say out to dinner or a party you could swap out the tee for a fancier collared shirt, heels and some sparklie jewelry.

And lastly enjoy the shopping without feeling guilty cuz you are not going over budget! Yay!   Check out the video below to see what these ladies found at Good Will

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