Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And hello...Life is Good

Hello, y'all! i hope everyone is doin well... i am quite happy, i just celebrated my birthday! It was a wonderful weekend... anyways, I have been volunteering at an art gallery, downtown. I posted some pictures of the gallery in an earlier post. Really has been a great thing to work there. I love art and am an aspiring artist so it's a good fit. Some of my art is in the gallery too, and it is for SALE! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!! haven't sold anything yet but it will be there for a while so i still got time to make some sales. Life is good, i will try to make a fall fashion finds video and i will try to post more often. anyways, guess i'm gonna get off the internet and go to bed. i have a busy day planned for tomorrow and i need some sleep.

PS. If you have any blog post suggestions or things you want to know about, see, or anything in general you want a blog post about please put it in the comments... Thank you all for reading-Lady Linden

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