Saturday, December 31, 2011

What i did for New Year's Eve

Hi again, well i was bored so i thought i would tell a bit about what i did for new year's eve. Well, to start off the night we ordered chinese from my favorite chinese place. We browsed the TV channels while we ate our mouth wateringly wonderful chinese food then we decided to watch that movie The Help. But first, I started to make the chocolate cake and ganache. The cupcakes turned out gorgeous and delicious with a drizzle of ganache and topped with some cold whipped topping. We watched the movie which was quite good, i thoroughly enjoyed it and i would recommend it to everyone. I had a fantastic New Year's Eve with my family and i hope yours was enjoyable too!!

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Hello Everybody! I hope you all are looking forward to 2012 cuz I certainly am! The year is coming to a close,  everyone is making resolutions and enjoying life as the last minutes of 2011 tick by. Hope you all are having fun and I have a blog post for you!
This is my outfit of the day. I am wearing a black long sleeve tee, jeans, black booties, and a creamy white sweater i got as a present for Christmas. Hope you all are ready to say good-bye to 2011 and I'll see you in the New Year! Love, Lady Linden