Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall 2011 Outfit #3

Hi again, this is another outfit in which i have also used my black waterfall cartigan. I have paired it with some black flats and black jeans, a emerald green tee-shirt and also to keep it comfy and cozy i have added a knitted, black and white tube scarf. I would wear this and in fact i did wear this to go run around town and and pick up a few things.

Fall 2011 Outfit #2

Just another outfit i put together. I used my knee high heeled boots and my black jeans, also my black waterfall cartigan layered over my pink long sleeve tee. To finish it off i have a added my new black purse that i recently got from Kohl's.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

How to take your Summer Dress to Fall 2011

I took my black and white printed summer dress: threw on a waterfall black cartigan. Instead of sandals I put on nylons and a pair of ballet flats with ankle straps. I also wore my adorable black flapper hat.
For my makeup i kept it neutral with my regular foundation routine and soft browns on the eye with loads of mascara and to finsh it off natural pink blush, also a light tinted lip balm on my lips. So that is one look i have put together for fall 2011. Hope ya'll liked it!