Friday, September 30, 2011

Check out!!!

 Hey everybody! Just a little update, I went to this site that i used to go to a long time ago but forgot about until now. It's called, and it is pretty awesome. You can make collages and they have tons of fashion images and backrounds, basically anything you can think of they have an image of it. So check out Happy collaging!
Oh and PS my fall outfit ideas post is coming up soon

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Statement Jewelry

Adding statement jewelry to an outfit is a great way to vamp it up. Adding a statment necklace to a simple dress can work miracles. Taking it from a so so outfit to a wow outfit. But don't overload on statement jewelry and go overboard. Too much jewelry can make you look over done. If you want to go the bracelet route, stack on a few bracelets and maybe a cuff, keeping the jewelry to the same kind of theme and you've nailed it!
Anyways, I am thinking for my next post, to style a few different outfits for fall. So keep your eyes out for that! ttyl-Lady Linden