Monday, August 8, 2011

Shopping on a budget

I enjoy getting fabulous deals, it's all about the hunt. Second-hand shops and places like Ross, T.J Max, and Marshalls are places to find cute stuff for a good price. You can also keep an eye out for big sales and always look through the clearance racks. One tip for shopping at second-hand shops or vintage is to always try the idem on. This way you know how it actually looks on you and if it fits. You should never judge a idem of clothing by the way it looks on the hanger. Also, the taylor is your best buddy. I have short arms so alot of times i need to get the sleeves shortened. Another awesome thing about getting a good deal is that you have money left over to get things taylored, if needed. One fun way to get clothes and accessories for free is to have a swap party. The guests bring clothes and accessories they don't use anymore or don't fit and swap them with the other guests. Very fun, and in the end you get "new to you" clothes for free. I hope this was helpful, now get out there and do some bargain- hunting! 

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